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Boomhut naast Parijs

Trying to find a treehouse or a boathouse with a Spa space near Paris ?

A tree house at 2H30 away from Paris only and 1H by train ?

Let's discover oour charming tree houses and boathouses situated in Loire Valley, at about 2H30 by car from Paris and 1H only by train ! And let's also discover Loire chateaus and Loire vineyards close to Paris ! No need to drive very far to escape yourself easily ! There are numerous and different activities in Loire Valley, nearby our domain : chateaus visit, discovery of loire wines, biking tour along la Loire river, canoes, riding horse, etc...

Our Loire valley is such close to Paris ! No need to drive far away to find your dreamt tree house !

We also prpose a self-catering holiday house, for 4/5 people, in order to discover our wonderful area in a traditional holiday cottage.


Touraine, Loire Vallei, naast Parijs

Touraine Loire valley is at 1H only from Paris by train and 2H30 by car only ! No need to drive far to discover a lot of Loire chateaus such as Villandry chateau, Chenonceau chateau or Chambord chateau ! You like French wine and Loire wines ? Loire valley is also well-known for its Loire wines and Loire vineyards like Vouvray sparkling white wine, Chinon red wine or Saumur champigny rosé wine. 


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